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3D Desk Space Virtual Desktop Software

DeskSpace 3D Virtual Desktop 1.5

Virtual Desktop allows you to play and work on the multiple desktop in a 3D effect. You can work with multiple (four) desktop just by switching through your mouse or through your keyboard. While rotating your desktop, you can feel the effect as shown in the images.
3D Desktop Software
  • If you don't find enough space on your desktop, you can switch it to your new desktop
  • If you find lots of application and windows opened on the desktop, you can switch your desktop to work with some more application
  • You can use a separate desktop for each task you perform. This makes your work more efficient and with no confusion.
Minimum system requirements:

* Windows XP (and above versions). Windows Vista, or Windows Vista x64.
* At-least 800 MHz CPU.
* 256 MB RAM Speed.
* 16 MB DirectX 8.1 compatible video card.

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