Download Realplayer Full Premium Version Plus Free!!!


Download Key file - Realplayer Premium version Free (will take you to another site)


Now enjoy the premium version of RealPlayer for free. Just download the software files below, I will give a step by step explanation to make real player full version and a graphical explanation on how to install software on your system

How to make Real Player full version

Step 1 -  Extract the file with Winrar Or 7-Zip (here are the extracted files)
Extracted files
Step 2 - Copy all the files from that Folder and paste it Over To  C:/Program

Files/Real/RealPlayer/plug-ins ... overwriting (or) replacing the original files.

Step 3 - Success!! It's done. Enjoy the full version now

 How to install Realplayer Software

Files inside the pack
Real player package files

Accept the License agreement to install
RealPlayer License. Accept it!!
 Check your internet connection speed
Give your internet connection
 Check the Path, Download button, and preferred player

 Installing... Installing...

 Close your browser

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